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Pressure Washing

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Story of the business

2021: Getting started

After working 10 months in retail, I left my job, read a number of entrepreneurial books, and found an old power washer in my dad's garage. With help from my close friend Kasey Kolke, I opened James White Pressure Washing on July 1.

2022: Making improvements

In the spring I purchased professional equipment, implemented new scheduling software, and learned how to give estimates in a more efficient way. After working for the whole summer, I headed down to Tuscaloosa for college.

2023: Hiring other students

This year I've expanded my team by hiring local college students looking to save for school. New hire and WMU student Ryan Wallis has already completed over fifty jobs.
I 've learned a lot from the experience!

Other Stuff I Do


I'm a counselor at a special-needs summer camp in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I started when I was fifteen and since then SOAR has been my favorite two weeks of every year. I also serve on the executive board of Special Olympics at UA.

UA Fellows

The University Fellows Experience is a leadership program housed in the Honors College at the University of Alabama. I'm a member of the program and have met some of my closest friends through it. Our focus is on community building and servant leadership. We recently spent three weeks in the Black Belt region of Alabama completing service projects in the historic city of Marion.

A Cool Story

In September 2021, I was selected for a community service award by Buddy's Helpers and TIDL Sports. As a result, I got to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the Cubs game with MMA star Conor McGregor. At the time, Conor was the highest paid athlete in the world. Despite being a Sox fan, it was really cool to hang out with him at Wrigley for the night. Here's an article on the bizarre story.