James White

Me in 10 seconds

University Fellows Experience

The UFE is a program comprised of elite scholars focused on leadership, community, and service. Twenty-five students are admitted each year from a class size of roughly 8,000. It's been the cornerstone of my time at the Capstone — I've had unique experiences, been mentored by incredible professors, and have met some of my closest friends through the program.

Computer Science

I've always really enjoyed the efficiency of coding. I'm now studying software engineering and mathematics in the College of Engineering at UA. I coded this website using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Below is a snippet of a program I coded to manage my client database for James White Pressure Washing.

class ClientTree {
    ClientTree() {
        root = nullptr;

    void insert(Client* client) {
        root = insert(root, client);

    void printInorder() {

James White Pressure Washing

Over the past three years, I've served 450 clients in the Chicagoland area. I've invested in professional equipment, hired employees, created databases, completed commercial jobs, and built a local reputation. Business and computer science have overlapping aspects of efficiency, system-building, and creativity — I've thoroughly enjoyed both over the past few years.

Special Olympics UA

Special Olympics is an organization that connects special-needs athletes with partner-mentors. After being involved my freshman year, I was promoted to the executive board where I now serve as Treasurer and Head Coach. This program has brought me lots of joy; it's one of my favorite aspects of being a student at Bama.


Camp SOAR is a sleepaway summer camp for children with special-needs in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I've been a counselor there for five years serving as a one-on-one mentor. Easily my favorite part of every summer, SOAR has taught me compassion, patience, and inclusion in a unique way.


CampusWaldo is a college photography business that uses facial recognition to distribute photos more efficiently. This project has taught me a lot about coding and marketing — I'm excited to see where it goes.